Best Brunch at M. Henry

I am a brunch queen! I have searched Chicago far and wide for the best brunch in the city and  I keep coming back to M. Henry in Andersonville. M. Henry has the best pancakes, eggs, and Sunday specials and always uses organic and local products when it’s possible. There’s always something for everyone and even wholesome choices for something (a.k.a. me) who’s traveling on the healthy train. Another bonus…they give you unlimited coffee while you wait for your table. Who doesn’t want a free cup or two?

I usually order the Latina Omelette (I ask for egg whites and cut out the sour cream and cheese). It comes with black beans, tomatoes, cilantro, and green onions. My favorite part is that it’s served with plantains…sweet and soft.

My other favorite is the Black Bean cakes. Spicy, smokey and perfect when it’s drenched with a warm, runny egg yolk. I am seriously in love with a runny yolk.

Did I mention that they have the best pancakes? We order a stack of their Blueberry Bliss Cakes. Pancakes layered with mascarpone cream, blackberries and topped with a nutty oat crust.  Sweet, tart, creamy, and crunchy!

Trust me…you can never be disappointed when you come to M. Henry.


3 thoughts on “Best Brunch at M. Henry

  1. Hi Morgan:

    Your big brother introduced me to your blog and I am hooked! I am also a foodie and my Mom, her sisters, my brother and my grandfather (passed) are all really into cooking and dining. I also strive to eat well but healthy and certainly in moderation. Brunch and Tex-Mex are two of my favorites so we have much in common. M. Henry is the best and so is Lula Cafe. I assume you have been for brunch…

    Can’t wait to hook-up when you are in town. My relatives have homes in Napa so I know you are going to be in good chef hands. Enjoy!


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