Making My Way Out West…First Stop…Redd

I loved the clean and modern look of Redd when I walked in the sunny and vibrant restaurant. It was simple and elegant and had that “California vibe” that only an outsider (who has been living on the east coast for 6 years) could detect. The food at Redd was clean, straightforward, and enticing. Not to mention my friend Leigha and I went there for brunch, which happens to be my favorite meal of the day.

We started with the shrimp and pork potstickers. They had a pronounced flavor of fresh ginger and were exceptionally moist on the inside. They were well executed with a crispy exterior, which give pan-fried dumplings their addictive texture.

Pork and Shrimp Potstickers @ Redd

Leigha and I shared the buttermilk pancakes with apple compote and Vermont maple syrup because we can never get enough pancakes. I’m not the type of person that can eat a whole stack of pancakes to my dome. When I go out for brunch I need salt and sugar, so pancakes are best when a table shares them.

I do not know how they make their pancakes at Redd, but they were lighter and fluffier than any other pancake I’ve ever had (even better than M. Henry’s pancakes). I bet they fold in egg whites. The best part of any pancake is that thin crispy fringe on the circumference of the pancake. These pancakes were no exception. My only aversion was the apple compote. It was not so much compote than just some sautéed apples. I wish the compote had some body to it and was served hotter than the temperature we received it at (being lukewarm).

I ordered the Lobster Club that was piled high with Maine lobster, lemon aioli, bacon, greens, and tomato. Maine lobster is always sweet and succulent and you can never fail with bacon, but what made this sandwich special was the buttery, toasted brioche. I love a good, homemade brioche.

My friend Leigha (also a self-professed foodie and fellow cook) ordered the chicken hash that was adorned with big, thick strips of delicious, fatty, smoky bacon and two perfectly supple poached eggs. As enticing as it looked, this dish did not prove to live up to its food porn appearance. The hash itself wasn’t very flavorful and the jus was slightly salty with an off-putting taste. The eggs should have been warmer.

Even with the hash being a tease, Redd was an absolutely wonderful dining experience and I would recommend it to anyone who is dining in Napa. I think they capture the heart of Napa Valley and the Northern California cuisine in a very humble and sophisticated manner.

And if anyone knows the recipe for their pancakes my email is


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